On Interviews

Sometimes in an interview the man you’re talking to says quite cordially that he hasn’t read past the first ten pages of your book and can he expect the rest of the novella is much like the beginning.

You blink in horror and cover your amazement with a laugh and carry on as best you can, but a new worry is born right then – that this can happen, and that you have to be ok with it, that you must always be vigilant and able to steer the conversation the way you want it.┬áBut right then a new hope is also born: that someday you’ll be interviewed in a thorough and thoughful way, with respect and humour, that you’ll always be read all the way through before someone calls you up for an interview. This is the best case scenario.

When the best case scenario happened for me I was delighted. Lesley Kenney is a total pleasure to talk with – probably one of the best readers I’ve met. She was honest, playful, funny and so careful in her reading, I couldn’t have asked for a better interview. Cheers to her! And read the Descant blog, it’s a beauty.